Background Information
Garfield Productions Limited was founded on July 1, 2004. Garfield Productions acquired the assets and personnel of Blue Touch Modeling Agency. Together with the investment from the Harmony Consulting Ltd., Garfield Productions has officially commenced operation. Our President, Mr Jackie Lee, together with his team, has had experience of organizing more than 50 onstage shows. He had also coordinated different exhibitions, seminars, fashion shows, wedding parties, luncheons, dinner gatherings, ballroom dances, DJ contests, singing contests, and model contests over the last 10 years.
Garfield Productions will continue to acquire production personnel and train them to become professionals in the entertainment business. The majority of our personnel will be recruited through The New Generation Broadcasting Radio.

To become one of the leading local entertainment providers in Canada and Washington State, USA.

  • Provide opportunities for local musicians and bands to promote and record their own music, making their dreams come true.
  • Provide a competitive professional production alternative, encompassing all facets of the performing arts.
  • Generate revenue to finance the development of equipment and tools for enhancing the quality of life of the disabled and senior citizens.
    October 14~17, 2004
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    October 14~17, 2004
    BC Place Stadium

  • "PASSION FOR FASHION" acknowledgement and photos